click to for larger view - Current fleet markings   Welcome to the Williston, Florida Police Department, where we live our motto "Striving For Excellence".

   The Williston Police Department is a mirror image, reflection of the community we serve. Small town U.S.A. which reflects the best of our country, preserved in thousands of towns across America just like Williston.

   My approach to leading the Williston Police Department is very simple and direct. I believe in down home, personal service law enforcement. Where officers treat everyone as though they are a member of their own family.

   Our goal at the Williston Police Department is to protect the quality of life in our city and deliver high quality, professional law enforcement services to you our customer.

   I encourage input in order for your police department to provide better service. I will never be satisfied with the status quo, and I know,
"we cannot sail on yesterday's wind."

   May God Bless.

Dennis Strow
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Chief of Police
Williston, Florida

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